This checklist covers some of key issues and discussions you should consider when starting out as a new senior executive in the NSW government sector. It is a guide and should complement rather than replace any information you receive from your new agency.

As outlined in the checklist below, you should review the topics in Getting started before starting in your role as a new senior executive. You should return to Senior Executive Fundamentals after four weeks and continue to review the topics over the next 12 to 18 months, in whatever order is relevant to your individual priorities.   

  Personal actions Organisational actions Resources
Before joining

Read your letter of offer.

Read, sign and return your contract of employment.

Review the topics in 'Getting started’ of Senior Executive Fundamentals.

Obtain an organisational structure chart for your new agency.
Week 1

Review your employment conditions.

Meet with your direct supervisor to discuss your:

  • performance expectations
  • performance and development agreement.

Meet with your direct reports to discuss:

  • the team's current priorities
  • your leadership and performance expectations.

Schedule a meeting with your broader team.
Meet with your Executive Assistant (if applicable) and establish your ground rules for developing an effective working relationship.

Schedule a meeting with Director People and Culture (or equivalent) to discuss:

  • Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act)
  • your staff members' employment conditions
  • your human resources delegations
  • your performance and development requirements
  • your recruitment  obligations including:
    • diversity and inclusion
    • the NSW Public Sector Capability framework.
Week 2

Complete any mandatory e-learning modules.

Locate the organisation's templates and style guides.

Identify the organisational records management system.

Schedule a meeting with Director Finance (or equivalent) to confirm:

  • your financial delegations
  • your operating and capital budgets
  • the budget cycle

Schedule a meeting with Director Legal Services or General Counsel to discuss any pertinent legislative or legal issues and the support these roles can offer.

Week 3

Review the Public Service Commission’s Executive Connections calendar for the next  government sector senior executive networking event.

Identify any informal networking opportunities. 

Schedule a meeting with Director Procurement (or equivalent) to discuss:

  • what support the procurement branch can provide
  • your agency's internal procurement policies
  • your procurement delegations.
Week 4 Return to Senior Executive Fundamentals and continue to review the content within, in whatever order is relevant to your work.

Schedule an introductory meeting with your Departmental Liaison Officer - if relevant to your role - and discuss how to establish an effective relationship with the minister’s office.

Schedule introductory meetings with any remaining functional leaders you are likely to regularly interact with.