Welcome to the Senior Executive Fundamentals - a key resource designed to help senior executives in the first 12 to 18 months of their employment within the NSW government sector.

The Public Service Commission launched the Senior Executive Fundamentals in September 2018.

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Senior Executive Fundamentals (SEF) is a key resource for senior executives in the NSW government sector.

The NSW Government is working to deliver better outcomes, infrastructure and services for the 7.8 million citizens of NSW.  Effective leadership is essential to our success, and the NSW Government is focused on attracting and developing world-class leaders.

SEF provides key information to help make sure you 'survive and thrive' in the first 12 to 18 months of your employment as a senior executive. It is also an enduring reference guide for you throughout your career.

Our goal is for new senior executives to review the topics in Getting Started before starting in their assigned role, then come back to SEF after four weeks and continue to review the topics over the next 12 to 18 months, in whatever order is relevant to their individual priorities.   

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Getting started

What you need to know and to do in your first three months as a senior executive in the NSW public sector.

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NSW Government context

Information about the system of government in Australia, and an overview of NSW legislation, NSW Parliament and NSW Government.

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Overview of the NSW public sector

A summary of the organisations within the NSW government sector, including workforce data.

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Setting direction, delivering results

Strategic approaches to policy development, decision making, service delivery, change management and business planning.

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Senior executive relationships

How to work with ministers, ministers' offices, agency executives, employees and community stakeholders.

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Senior executive obligations

Executive responsibilities relating to standards of conduct, financial management, procurement, information management, work health and safety and parliamentary processes.

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