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Senior Executive Fundamentals


Senior executives need to be aware of the procurement policies and frameworks in place which guide the purchase and supply of goods and services. 

Procurement policies must be adhered to. This ensures public money is spent in an ethical and efficient way. As a senior executive you are responsible for ensuring you understand these policies and your obligations when procuring goods and services. Failure to follow these policies could result in referrals to government oversight bodies including the Independent Commission Against Corruption. 

In NSW, government procurement operates under a devolved governance structure. This means each agency is responsible for their own procurement, with the Procurement Board setting the whole-of-government strategic approach. Your agency's procurement accreditation status will impact your ability to buy products and services.

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, all NSW government agencies have a legal obligation to disclose all contracts for goods and/or services over $150,000 (incl. GST) with private sector suppliers (including contracts from Standing Offer panels and prequalification schemes).

NSW Government procurement objectives

The Public Works and Procurement Act 1912 and the Procurement Policy Framework define 5 key procurement objectives which must guide every procurement decision you make. These objectives are:

  • value for money
  • fair and open competition
  • easy to do business
  • innovation
  • social outcomes and sustainability. 


buy.NSW is your go-to place for procurement information and advice. You can find guidance, procurement policies, contracts and schemes, training and resources and NSW Government procurement news.

When buying products or services you must use a NSW Government procurement arrangement (such as a contract, panel or scheme), unless you have an exemption.

Exemptions make it easier to buy from diverse suppliers, such as small to medium enterprises, Aboriginal-owned businesses or approved disability organisations.

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