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Senior Executive Fundamentals

Delivering digital services

Customers today expect more secure, transparent, accessible and responsive services from government. Investment in customer services and digital provides one of the greatest opportunities to enable equitable, inclusive service for our communities.

As a senior executive you need to understand the services available to help you deliver digital products and services.

Beyond Digital strategy

The Beyond Digital strategy sets out the vision to deliver smart, simple and seamless personalised services from anywhere. The strategy embeds customer commitments and outcomes into the heart of a digital strategy to truly go beyond digital and ensure that we are meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

As a senior executive you need to understand how the strategy aligns to your own agency’s strategic outcomes.

Department of Customer Service

The Department of Customer Service is delivering key digital strategies, projects and policies to help agencies give the people of NSW a great customer experience when they interact with government services.

The Department of Customer Service has resources and services available to assist you in the delivery of digital services to your customers.

The Government Technology Platforms team deliver a range of software, platform and infrastructure services. They can assist in the scope, design, development and delivery of cutting edge and sustainable digital services.

The Digital.nsw Accelerator team can work with you on getting started on or progressing digital initiatives and building digital capability within your agency.

ICT Assurance helps agencies deliver successful ICT projects. Their key services include:

  • providing oversight for ICT projects through implementation of the ICT Assurance Framework
  • operation of the Digital Restart Fund to provide funding to accelerate whole of government digital transformation
  • developing and implementing ICT and digital strategies
  • enhancing transparency and accountability across clusters. 

You should get in touch with ICT Assurance when working on any ICT project of key strategic importance or are considered high risk. It is mandatory for ICT Assurance to be involved in ICT projects over $10 million.

Cyber security and resilience

Cyber Security NSW provides an integrated approach to preventing and responding to cyber security threats. It aims to build stronger cyber resilience across the whole of government to support economic growth, prosperity and efficiency.

Cyber Security NSW focuses on enhancing whole-of-government cyber security capabilities and standards, boosting cyber incident response coordination, and overseeing the development of strategic cyber policy positions:

You should familiarise yourself with these policies and your agency’s own internal cyber security procedures.

Get involved in a digital community

Digital NSW hosts a digital community to connect people who create digital products and services. The community:

  • shares what is happening with the Design System and Standards
  • let’s you know about events and opportunities to input into policy positions and designs
  • gathers your feedback on using the design system
  • collaborates across teams.

Get involved with the digital community online.