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Senior Executive Fundamentals

Performance and talent management

As a senior executive, you play a key role in implementing effective performance and talent management practices for employees within your agency. Your agency will have a performance management system in place, and you should familiarise yourself with your responsibilities in leading and participating in that process.

Good performance management is not just about managing poor performance. You have a role to play in uplifting and developing the capabilities of your team.

Managing performance

As a senior executive, you play a key leadership role in modelling effective performance management behaviours. People management capability is critical to effective performance management.

It is your responsibility to manage poor performance. Performance issues should be identified early and managed in partnership with your agency HR team. You also need to be able to understand the difference between performance issues and those which constitute corrupt conduct and deal with those risks according to your agency’s internal policies.

There are resources available to help you manage for performance outcomes.

Performance development framework

This framework provides a system for managing individual, team and organisational performance.

Performance development framework page

Managing talent

Effective talent management identifies, develops and engages people to make a significant contribution to their agencies now and in the future. Good talent management can also help you address potential skills shortages and gaps in your agency.

Talent review framework

Use this framework to better understand your people and make decisions to best support the future needs and strategic direction of your agency.

Talent review framework page