NSW government context details the structure of the federal, state and territory, and local levels of government and how they interact with each other. An overview of NSW legislation, NSW Parliament and NSW Government includes information on how the Government is appointed and makes decisions. The section also explains the role of government boards and committees, and how their members are appointed.

The Westminster system

The Westminster system is the basis of government in Australia at the state, territory and federal level. It is based on the British model. of responsible government.

Federal, state and territory, and local governments

An introduction to federal, state and territory, and local governments, and how they interact.

Overview of the system of Government in NSW

An introduction to the NSW Parliament and how the NSW Government is formed and operates.

NSW legislative framework

The origins and purpose of NSW legislation.

Government boards and committees

NSW Government boards and committees play an important role in many areas of NSW Government activity.

Intergovernmental relations

NSW Government approach to intergovernmental negotiations, meetings and agreements.