Within the NSW government sector, four central agencies are responsible for delivering sector-wide leadership, resources, coordination and oversight to help agencies deliver government priorities. These agencies are:

  • the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC), responsible for government policy and delivering the Government's commitments and priorities
  • NSW Treasury, responsible for finance, budgets and assets; the performance of commercial agencies; financial policy; and whole-of-government procurement
  • the Department of Customer Service (DCS), responsible for digital transformation and customer service across the NSW Government. DCS is a new agency commencing 1 July 2019.
  • the Public Service Commission (PSC), responsible for sector values, leadership, employee capabilities, employee management and workforce development.

The heads of the central agencies work closely with departmental secretaries through regular meetings of the Secretaries Board, which is chaired by the Secretary of DPC.

Department of Premier and Cabinet

DPC's roles include:

  • helping the Premier and Cabinet identify, design and implement a coordinated policy, project and reform agenda for NSW
  • partnering  with agencies to optimise public sector performance
  • take an integrated approach to getting better results from whole of government projects and improving service delivery across the public sector. This can include coordinating regional-level priorities.

As a senior executive, you may work closely with DPC in the following areas:

  • Legislation: DPC manages the Government’s legislative agenda, including the timing of presenting  Bills to Parliament.
  • Cabinet: DPC coordinates agency submissions to Cabinet. This includes seeking the views of other agencies before presenting an agency’s submission for Cabinet's consideration.
  • Commonwealth-state relations: DPC leads and coordinates NSW agency responses to joint Commonwealth-state initiatives, such as the Council of Australian Governments (COAG).
  • Government-wide priorities: DPC seeks progress reports from agencies and develops its own reports on the implementation of sector-wide priorities, including the Premiers Priorities.
  • Regional Coordination: DPC’s regional coordinators work with agencies' regional directors, taking a collaborative approach to delivering government programs and services in individual regions.
  • Industrial relations: DPC's public sector relations leads the development, review and evaluation of industrial relations policies, strategies and practices across the NSW public sector, including award and wages policies.

Working with DPC often entails dealing with very short and urgent deadlines to meet the requirements of the Premier, Cabinet and/or Parliament.

NSW Treasury

NSW Treasury's roles include:

  • managing NSW's finances,  which involves delivering the NSW Budget and other financial reports on behalf of the Treasurer
  • analysing, advising on and delivering fiscal, economic, commercial and financial policy; and risk management and governance frameworks
  • managing NSW's assets, including via commercial, financial and service delivery reforms; analysing and advising on private financing of public infrastructure; and managing, monitoring and advising on the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector commercial agencies
  • driving whole-of-government procurement.

As a senior executive, you may work closely with Treasury in the following areas:

  • Budgets: Agencies must align their four-year budget plans with the Government’s budget and financial management policy, so you may need to seek funding for, and report on the financial performance of, agency programs.
  • Capital planning (formerly known as Total Asset Management): You may need to seek funding for, and report on the performance of, physical assets. Agencies need to align their 10-year asset plans with the Government’s capital planning strategy.
  • State owned corporations (SOCs): Treasury monitors the performance of government businesses on behalf of the Treasurer and Minister for Finance, who together are the shareholder Ministers for SOCs.
  • ProcurementNSW Procurement helps agencies meet their procurement needs, maximise value for money and create a competitive NSW economy.

Department of Customer Service

DCS' roles include:

  • establishing the customer at the centre of all programs and initiatives across the NSW Government
  • delivering a more consistent and efficient digital experience with government
  • using data and behavioural insights to drive customer service improvements
  • engaging more effectively with the people of NSW. 

As a senior executive, you  may work closely with DCS on various matters, especially those involving:

  • Digital services: Implementing Digital.NSW policy, tools and guidance to lift digital capabilities of teams across the NSW Government.
  • Behavioural insights: Engaging with the Behavioural Insights Unit for training and resources and attending events with leading thinkers and practitioners.

Public Service Commission

PSC's roles include:

  • promoting and maintaining the highest levels of integrity, impartiality, accountability and leadership across the government sector
  • attracting and retaining a high-calibre professional government sector workforce
  • ensuring that government sector recruitment and selection processes comply with the merit principle and adhere to professional standards.

As a senior executive, you may work closely with PSC on a variety of matters including those related to:

  • Values and culture: implementing the sector’s core values; facilitating positive and productive culture and practices; encouraging diversity and inclusion; and supporting workplace flexibility initiatives
  • Workforce management: implementing workforce management frameworks, including those that support strategic workforce planning, recruitment, development and performance management
  • Workforce data and analysis:  conducting workforce surveys that involve employees and contingent workers, including the People Matter Employee Survey and the Workforce Profile
  • Workforce development:  participating in PSC-led programs such as the Leadership Academy; the Aboriginal Career and Leadership Development Program; Senior Executive Fundamentals; and the NSW Government Graduate Program
  • Senior executive recruitment: recruiting secretaries and other key senior executives
  • Inquiries: for example, the Public Service Commissioner may conduct an inquiry into any matter involving the administration or management of a NSW government sector agency.

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