Senior executive obligations

Senior executive obligations examines various corporate and governance responsibilities in the context of ethical behaviour; financial management; delegations; procurement; records management and privacy; information and communications technology; information management; work, health and safety; and audit and risk management. It also summarises certain elements of the parliamentary system, including parliamentary committees, caretaker conventions and the NSW Cabinet.

Ethical responsibilities

An explanation of the highest standards of conduct and decision making NSW government sector senior executives are required to uphold - and encourage in the people they manage - consistent with the Ethical Framework.

Financial management

Financial responses and budget process.

Parliamentary processes

Parliamentary committees. State general elections and caretaker conventions.

The NSW Cabinet system

An explanation of Cabinet - the forum where NSW Government ministers deliberate and decide on major Government policies.

Information management

Records management. Access to government information. Understanding your privacy obligations. Orders for papers under Standing Order 52.

Service delivery enablers

NSW procurement. Work health and safety. ICT and information management. Audit and risk management. Delegation of authority.