Customers today expect more secure, transparent, accessible and responsive services from government. Investment in customer services and digital provides on of the greatest opportunities to enable equitable, inclusive service for our communities.

It is NSW Government's vision to deliver smart, simple and seamless personalised services available from anywhere. Several areas in the Department of Customer Service are delivering key strategies, projects and policies in the ICT and digital landscape to help agencies give the people of NSW a great customer experience when they deal with NSW Government. Those programs and initiatives are summarised below.

Beyond Digital, our new NSW customer and digital strategy

NSW Government launched the new customer and digital strategy, Beyond Digital in November 2019. The strategy sets out the vision to deliver smart, simple and seamless personalised services from anywhere. The strategy embeds customer commitments and outcomes into the heart of a digital strategy to truly go beyond digital and ensure that we are meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

The strategy aligns government programs and initiatives to its five strategic directions - put customer at the centre, deliver better frontline technology, engaging through data and insights, investing in customer outcomes and develop capabilities for the future. 

For more information on the strategy, see the Digital NSW website: Strategy in Action.

Shaping investment and delivery of digital services and technology in NSW

Digital/ICT Investment and Assurance helps government agencies deliver citizen-centric services outcomes across departmental boundaries, with an eye on getting value and bringing the strength of whole of government.

Its key services include:

  • assurance oversight for NSW Government's ICT projects through implementation of the ICT Assurance Framework
  • operation of the Digital Restart Fund (DRF) to provide funding to accelerate whole of government digital transformation
  • developing and implementing NSW ICT and digital strategies, including Beyond Digital
  • enhancing collaboration, expertise, transparency and accountability across clusters. 

Building stronger cyber resilience across NSW

Cyber Security NSW provides and integrated approach to preventing and responding to cyber security threats across NSW government. It aims to build stronger cyber resilience across the whole of government to support economic growth, prosperity and efficiency.

Cyber Security NSW focuses on enhancing whole-of-government cyber security capabilities and standards, boosting cyber incident response coordination, and overseeing the development of strategic cyber policy positions:

Developing and delivering digital services for citizens

Government Technology Platforms (GTP) focuses on delivering digital solutions that improve customer satisfaction for millions of people and making it easier to interact and transact with government services. The team delivers a range of multi-disciplined services including software, platform and infrastructure services. Operating in and agile environment, GTP assist scope, design, develop and deliver a cutting edge and sustainable digital services.

Key services include:

  • Government Data Centres (GovDC) on-premise, cloud and hybrid secure data storage
  • Managed cloud services
  • Government licensing services
  • OneGov design, development and support services
  • API.NSW (Application Programming Interfaces), for example FuelCheck and Park'nPay
  • Salesforce and Integration Networks of Excellence
  • Customer Payments Platform
  • Virtual Contact Centres Platform
  • Digital.nsw Accellerator (DNA)

Driving sector-wide reform and delivery of government operational communications

The NSW Telco Authority designs and manages operational telecommunications services which support NSW Government agencies, emergency services and communities. NSW Telco provides services to users of operational communications that include:

  • managing the Government Radio Network (GRN) - a common platform for NSW government agencies and other organisations who use mobile radio communications
  • managing voice and data spectrum allocations on behalf of NSW government agencies
  • coordinating critical incident telecommunications by providing a link between commercial carriers, the GRN and public safety agencies during emergencies such as bushfires.

For more information on NSW Telco Authority, see the website: Telco Authority.

Accelerating digital transformation through strategic sourcing

ICT/Digital Sourcing, facilitates NSW Government's digital transformation agenda through streamlined sourcing by developing strategic partnerships with suppliers and managing whole-of-government ICT schemes, contracts and panels and working closely with buyers and suppliers to optimise consumption of digital services.

One of the digital transformation programs to streamline sourcing in buy.nsw - the one-stop-shop for NSW Government sourcing.

For more information on buy.nsw, see the website: Simplifying NSW Government Procurement or buy.nsw.

Providing spatial and land information services in NSW

Spatial Services creates and maintains a spatial representation of the State and acts a a 'single source of truth' for foundation spatial information and survey infrastructure  and services in NSW. It contributes to building better services across the community, government, industry and environmental sectors through:

the provision of online and hard copy geospatial mapping products and services that support a vast range of community, business and government activity - from tourism and land management, to electoral boundaries and bushfire control

maintenance of cadastral boundaries and topographic data - imagery, elevation and depth, hydrography, transport, administrative boundaries, place names and addressing information, and comprehensive spacial modelling services

ensuring that the emergency management sector has the best spatial and related data available to deal with multi-agency emergencies, such as terrorism and natural disasters

the implementation of innovative projects (based on the Foundation Spatial Data Framework to streamline government processes for the planning, design and modelling for NSW's future needs.

For more information on Spatial Services, see the website: Spatial Services.

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