Senior executive relationships explain how senior executives are expected to act when interacting with ministers, ministers' offices, agency executives, community stakeholders and employees, and media representatives. This topic includes advice on leading and managing employees and fostering a positive and productive workplace. It also presents guidance on effective stakeholder engagement and promoting the core value of public service to customers, clients and the public.

Supporting ministers in the exercise of their duties

An overview of ministers' duties and the role of senior executives in supporting ministers exercise those duties.

Leading people

Conditions of employment. Positive and productive workplaces. Performance and talent management.

Stakeholder engagement

A guide to effective stakeholder engagement

Customer service in the NSW government sector

Service - to customers, clients and the public - is a core value of the NSW government sector, and the Government has set specific service targets for all agencies to meet.

Collaborating - across government, not-for-profit and the private sectors

A guide to achieving customer and community results that could otherwise not be achieved solely within the public sector.

Dealing effectively with the media

A guide to managing the reputation of the NSW Government through media and social media.

Industrial relations

An overview of the NSW industrial relations framework and how senior executives interact with it.