Service – to customers, clients and the public – is a core value of the public sector . As a senior executive, you are responsible for promoting service in the culture and practices of your agency by:

  • demonstrating personal conduct and decision making that focuses on delivering quality services to the people of NSW
  • driving a systematic approach to service improvement in your agency, including its culture, systems, program design, workforce development, and measurement and use of customer impact and customer satisfaction data
  • promoting the NSW Government Customer Commitments within your agency and empowering employees to improve outcomes for customers
  • assessing the benefits of moving  your agency’s transactional services to the government’s ServiceNSW, the Government's one-stop digital, phone and shopfront service portal. More than 40 agencies use Service NSW to deliver more than 950 transactional services to the public.
  • working with the Department of Customer Service on various initiatives to improve customer satisfaction for millions of people and deliver efficiencies in how services are delivered through digital platforms.

You may be responsible for delivering specific service targets under key programs identified in the Premier’s Priorities.

Service culture and practices

Executive conduct and decision-making directly influences the extent to which the culture and practices in your agency  - and the behaviour of your workforce -  demonstrate the core value of Service. You should take a systematic approach to establishing and maintaining a service-focused agency and workplace, which includes embedding the priority of service in:

  • governance
  • leadership
  • workplace culture.
  • positive and productive workplace practices and conduct
  • employee recruitment, development and promotion
  • customer and client service delivery standards.

Strengthening workplace diversity and inclusion within agencies is another important strategy you can use to improve the services your agency provides to the diverse range of communities across NSW.

The Customer Commitments

The Customer Commitments represent the public sector's promise to customers. They have been developed using customer research and input from staff across the NSW Government. The Commitments give a clear picture of what customers should expect when receiving government services.

The Commitments provide a tool to align, engage and empower NSW Government employees behind customer service. 

For more information about Customer Commitments, see the website Customer Commitments. 

Service NSW – a one-stop shop for government services

The Government has established a one-stop digital, phone and shop front service, which more than 40 NSW government agencies use to deliver some 950 transactional services to the public.

These services include licence renewals; ticket, product and service purchases; and access to government reports.

Delivering services through Service NSW is often more cost-effective for agencies than delivering the service separately, and gives members of the public access to safe, efficient and easy-to-use services.

For more information about Service NSW, see the website: Service NSW

Department of Customer Service

The new Department of Customer Service (DCS) commenced on 1 July 2019 and is responsible for expanding the Government's one-stop shop for customers government-wide and put NSW into a world-leading position in digital technology and customer service for the next decade.

DCS has the authority to plan, prioritise, fund and drive digital transformation and customer service across every cluster in NSW Government. It will be one of the most important functions of the government, as economies around the world continue to transition towards automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and the next generation of jobs.

For more information about DCS, see the website: Customer Service

Premier’s Priorities

Many agencies have specific service delivery targets relating to the 14 Premier’s Priorities. These priorities include better customer service (Government made easy and world class public service); lifting education standards; keeping children safe; breaking the cycle (domestic violence, adult reoffending and homelessness); and improving the health system.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) seeks regular reports from agencies on their progress in implementing these targets, and this information is published on the NSW Government website.

For more information on the Premier's Priorities, see the website: Premier's Priorities.

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