Setting direction, delivering results looks at how global trends can affect the public sector, including its strategic approaches to policy development, decision making, service delivery, change management and business planning. This topic also summarises the NSW Government's strategic priority of driving public sector diversity and flexible working.

Future focus of the public sector

An overview of how global trends can affect the public sector.

Creating and deploying service delivery models

The commissioning and contestability framework is the whole-of-government tool to help agencies achieve better service delivery outcomes.

Developing policy thinking

Strategies for developing innovative, outward-looking, evidence-based policy thinking to create public value.

Strategic decision making

A guide to the 'strategic triangle' framework for effective strategic decision making.

Leading change

A guide to effectively leading change by developing a compelling vision and change management strategy.

Strategic and business planning

An insight into the benefits of strategic planning, which can help agencies determine what they need to deliver in the longer term, and how to align their financial, human and other resources to meet those goals. This type of preparation also establishes the goals needed for annual business planning.

Diversity and inclusion

The importance of embracing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion to better serve our community.

Flexible working

An overview of the NSW Government's commitment to flexible working in the NSW government sector on an 'if not, why not' basis by 2019.