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Senior Executive Fundamentals

Welcome to Senior Executive Fundamentals

Welcome to the Senior Executive Fundamentals – a key resource designed to help senior executives in the first 12 to 18 months of their employment within the NSW government sector.

Here at NSW Government, we are committed to delivering to the people of NSW whether its education, health care, transport services, infrastructure, law enforcement or social services. Each day millions of customers are served - customers are the centre of everything we do. Having effective, high-performing leaders is essential to delivering these services.

A diverse and inclusive workforce - which truly reflects the community we serve - is also integral to our continued success. Our leaders play a key role in ensuring we have a genuinely diverse and inclusive workplace which challenges itself, evolves and is truly dynamic.

We are also committed to investing in our leaders, to ensure we can attract and retain a world class, highly capable workforce in a competitive employment environment. We offer a number of programs and initiatives to increase and support the capability of our leaders - Senior Executive Fundamentals is one of those initiatives. We hope this is an enduring reference guide at any stage of your career.

This resource provides foundational information essential for operating and performing to a high standard in government. It contains information, insights and directions on a broad range of matters including - the Premier’s Priorities, the ethical framework, inter-government relations, parliamentary processes, cross-government collaboration, NSW legislative framework, policy development, dealing effectively with the media, the budget process, conditions of employment, delegations, procurement and much more.

It is designed to complement existing sector-wide leadership capability initiatives and in-house individual Department and agency managed development programs.

We encourage you to use this resource and trust that it helps you in your current senior executive role, and continues to be a useful resource throughout your career in the NSW government sector, service the people of NSW.

This is our invitation to you to begin reading the information in Getting started!